A guide to styling your hair for prom night.

Prom night will be a night you will never forget. One of the most important parts of the entire look for prom is your hair. By following some easy instructions, you can turn one of many prom hair ideas into a great looking reality. First, you will want to measure the length of your hair so you can put it into perspective. You can do this by looking directly into a large mirror, and marking the top and bottom of your hair with a removable marker. This is the first part of the guide to styling your hair for prom. Next, mark the width by using your jaw line as it appears in the mirror. You will also want to mark the points of each cheekbone. Once finished, you can literally connect the dots. This helps to determine your face's shape. Remember that many prom hair ideas are formed through determining your facial shape.

If you have an oval face, you can choose from a slicked back look, a curly up do, or simply down with some pretty waves. Look at the hair styles of people with an oval face shape to give you some inspiration. If you have a round face, a zigzag part looks wonderful with a curly up do. You will know you have a round face shape if the length is the same as the width. Some people have a square shaped face. There are some wonderful prom hair ideas for this face shape. For example, try to add some nice wispy layers that will fall softly around your face. This will divert the eye from the actual face shape, and give your entire face a nice dimension. Once you have determined what your natural face shape is, you can make better use of many prom hair ideas that look great and will incorporate with the entire outfit.