Prom Hair Ideas: Bold and Elegant styles

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the dizzying array of prom hair ideas and styles one sees in magazines and online. It is hard to decide on prom hair styles, given the abundance of images and ideas. Still, prom hair styles need not be difficult to choose from or to create. The biggest challenge may well be making the decision. For many people, it is easy after the initial decision.

Up-dos are very popular prom hair ideas, and are not reserved only for those who have long hair. Up-dos involved taking a bun or a pony tail positioned high on the head and creating hair styles by pulling strands from the bun or curling and pinning parts of the pony tail. Up-dos can be created around tiaras and many hair accessories can be used to dress up up-dos. Those with short or medium hair can create up-dos by adding hair extensions which can be clipped on to existing hair. Make sure the clips work properly and hold well, taking into consideration all the dancing and moving that you will be doing during the prom. It pays to experiment with the clip-ons well in advance of the date.

Short and sassy prom hair ideas can be created by adding accessories to your hair and creating small curls and waves. Baby's breath can be a very charming highlight to short prom hair styles, or some prefer an understated hairstyle but with a decorative tiara on top. Short hair can also be transformed into longer hair with the help of hair extensions.

Many young women opt for hair highlights at the prom, and put in temporary frosts or dyes. Some add highlights to the tip of the hair while others choose to dye their hair a completely different color for the occasion. There are many rinses and temporary dyes and paints on the market. You can choose highlights that are intended for one day and wash out, or dyes that can wash out after several days. It is a good idea to experiment with a style a few weeks before the prom.