Do's and Don'ts for Prom Hair Ideas

Prom night is one of the most exciting and important nights in a high school student's life. All of your friends get together dressed to the nines and dance the night away. It's a lot of fun picking out the perfect dress, finding the matching shoes, and shopping for just the right hand bag. Makeup is also important for the overall prom look. Of course we can't forget the tons of different prom hair ideas out there so you can complete your total look. Here are some helpful hints on what to do and what not to do for your prom hairstyle.

DO: Search for prom hair ideas that will complement your face and your dress. You can find ideas online, in magazines, and by checking out what the latest celebrities are doing with their hair.

DON'T: Don't wait until the last minute to choose a hairstyle. You want to find something that will frame your face properly and won't be too difficult to do the day of prom.

DO: Get all of your styling tools and hair products together. If you're doing curls, you want to be sure you have a curling iron ready. If you're going for the sleek look, a hair-straightening tool might be best. You definitely want make sure you have everything you need in advance so you don't have to do any last minute shopping.

DON'T: Try not to torture your hair. Too much teasing can cause it to look frizzy and pulling and tugging on your hair will cause it to fall out. Also, don't torture your tresses with too much hairspray or other styling products. If you use too much, it can cause your hair to be too stiff or to break.

DO: Try to accessorize once you've decided among all of the prom hair ideas. Depending on how you wear your hair, a nice jeweled comb, a pretty headband, or cute barrettes can really add to the overall look of your prom outfit.

DON'T: Try not to go overboard with your prom hairstyle. Sometimes, it's best to go the simple route. A nice change is definitely due since it's a special night, but don't go to the hair stylist and get a totally new hair color or a perm. If you don't like it, it could be disastrous.

DO: Ask your friends for prom hair ideas. They may be able to give you advice by looking at your dress and hair together. Ask your salon expert for advice as well. Getting your hair professionally done the day of prom is another foolproof way to make sure it looks glamorous and pretty.

DON'T: Try not to underestimate the importance of a great looking hairstyle for prom. A simple ponytail or wearing your hair like you always do at school can really downplay your outfit and make it look like you haven't put enough effort into the look. Plan ahead, decide on a final style, and stick with it.

DO: Try something new. If you have normally straight hair, give it some body and bounce by using the curling iron to make cute ringlets or waves. You'll shock your friends with your new look, and you'll be a truly glamorous gal!