Prom Hair Ideas using Accessories: From Flowers to Glitter

So you've chosen your among prom hair ideas, but something seems to be missing. Just as you wouldn't live in a plain house without decoration, you should not neglect prom hair accessories when choosing your ideal hair style for the big occasion. Prom hair accessories can be found anywhere; in the mall, at hair salons, in specialty boutiques, or online. The selection is huge and includes sparkly ornaments, flowers, and funky highlights.

Among the most popular prom hair accessories is the tiara. This is a little sparkly half-crown that is decorated with rhinestones or other false diamond-like stones. They can be relatively cheap, although higher quality tiaras can be more impressive. Prom hair ideas using tiaras create a "royal" look. Many hairstylists put in the tiara while teasing the ponytail or bun in the styling process and place curls around the tiara. Many tiaras have combs at the end which will grab the hair and stay in place.

Decorative combs are other popular prom hair accessories which are widely available, relatively cheap, and can fit well into an existing hair do. When you have a prom hair idea, you may style your hair first or put the combs in after the style is set. Many decorative combs have rhinestones, fake flowers, or other designs which can complement what you are wearing or bring out the color of your eyes.

For natural prom hair ideas, young women use flowers as prom hair accessories. These should be used with care if fresh flowers are used to ensure they don't get crushed. Many opt for fake flowers, just to be on the safe side, but real flowers can be quite eye-catching and impressive. Baby's breath is a favorite among prom hair accessories and is usually placed in the hair after the style is already set. Baby's breath is especially popular accent for up-dos.