Money Saving Prom Hair Ideas

High school girls spend hundreds of dollars on their outfit for prom. Many dresses can cost anywhere from $100 to almost $1,000. Add in the cost of shoes, a handbag, and makeup and you may find there's not much cash left over for the hairstyle you want. Luckily there are many great money saving prom hair ideas that you can utilize to look your best without spending a ton of cash.

Keeping your look simple is often the easiest way to save some money. A sleek and sexy ponytail or an ultra feminine ballerina bun are both easy styles and practically free to do. Instead of paying your professional hair stylist $30 to $60 to style your hair for you, talk to some of your friends and agree on a time to get together to style each other's hair on prom day. Sometimes an extra hand is all you need to get the look you want. There's no reason to pay lots of money to a professional when you can all share in the effort. It's also a lot of fun!

Lots of magazines with prom hair ideas in them show the models looking quite natural. Don't try to change your look too drastically by buying hair dye or paying for a perm. Both of these methods will not only be expensive, but they may not turn out the way you wanted. Then you're stuck with a dramatic look that you don't like. Try to remember to stick to basics and keep it simple and natural. If you want to use hair accessories, shop wisely. You don't have to own a clip with authentic Swarovski crystals. Instead, look at your local mall and choose something with simple rhinestones or simulated jewels. It looks just as good and won't cost nearly as much as the higher end accessories. Another suggestion for accessories for prom hair ideas is to borrow something from someone else. Ask your mom or your friends if they have anything you can use for the night that will go with your outfit.

You can also opt for the exotic look and accessorize your hair with fresh flowers. This looks absolutely beautiful and is totally free of charge. Skim through some magazines for prom hair ideas, and then brainstorm how you can get the very same look for less money. Remember that prom is only one night, so there is no need to spend tons of money on a hairstyle that will be gone or undone by morning. The whole idea of prom is to have a good time with your date and your friends. Come up with different ways to wear your hair that different but you could do yourself. You'll get a feeling of accomplishment, and hopefully a lot of compliments. You can tell everyone your hair was done by you. Remember it's not the cost of the hairstyle that matters, but how good you feel about yourself and how beautiful you look on your very special night.