Go Long on Prom Hair Ideas with Extensions

If you have short or medium length hair and are dreaming about the perfect up-do or long style, try prom hair extensions. In the old days, girls would spend months growing their hair out for the prom and plan their hairstyles a year in advance. Prom hair ideas have moved on, and now all that is required is simply clipping on prom hair extensions to increase the length of the hair in a second. As hair extensions have become more popular, there is a larger selection than ever, and in a huge range of styles and colors. You can purchase hair extensions where hair accessories are sold or order them online. When ordering online, make sure that the color is going to match yours, if you want a natural-looking hairstyle.

The higher quality hair extensions look more natural, and you may have to pay extra for a better hair extension that will look like your own hair. Top quality hair extensions can be purchased from wig makers, who are used to matching hair color and creating pieces that blend in well with one's own hair. You can even have prom hair extensions custom-made to blend perfectly with your hair color. Prom hair ideas become more sophisticated and more fashionable with the use of extensions. If you want to save money on you prom hair ideas, you can buy whatever hair extensions are available in a convenient location and dye the extension in the color you want. Home dyes work well, and you can change the color of your prom hair extension to blend in naturally with your hair color.

Clip-on prom hair extensions are easy to use and as the name indicates can simply be clipped onto existing hair. You will want to experiment a few times before the big day, especially if you are styling your hair extension into an up-do. Care for hair extensions is simple; store them in a cool place and wash them with regular shampoo. The extensions can be conditioned and air dried or blow dried if you prefer.