Prom Hair Ideas Involving Ringlets

You've spent hours picking out a dress. You shopped the stores endlessly looking for just the right pair of shoes that will match the dress. You scoured the malls and department stores to find the one handbag that will look per. How about your hair? Which of the many prom hair ideas will look great with your outfit? There are so many different suggestions on how to wear your hair for prom that it can be overwhelming at times. One of the most traditional and elegant looks is the ringlet style. This hairstyle is gorgeous, simple, and looks wonderful on just about every face shape. If you have long hair, this can be one of the simplest ways to make you look glamorous with ease. Follow these instructions and you'll have your date admiring your beautiful look.

First, wash your hair in the morning on the day of prom. Hair that has just been washed, even when blow-dried can be more difficult to work with. Be sure you wash all of your conditioner out thoroughly and towel dry. Do not blow-dry your hair but instead let it dry naturally. Next, use a comb or a brush and gather all of your hair on one side of your head. Then make a ponytail that sits high up on your head. Be sure all of the hair around the ponytail is tight to your scalp and smooth. Fold part of the ponytail up and over to form a loop. Then secure it tightly with bobby pins. Make sure it sits flat to your scalp, and secure the bottom of the loop with another bobby pin. You have now created a large ringlet. The rest of the ponytail should now be moved to the side of your head and secured with a hair clip. Like all prom hair ideas, you may want to practice this a few times to make sure you master it.

Repeat the steps above, making another ponytail and one large ringlet on the other side of your head. Now you're ready to create the beautiful cascading look. All of the remaining hair should be evenly divided into two sections at the back of your head. You can now create soft ringlets with these hairs by using a curling iron set on low. Separate the hair with your fingers to the desired thickness of each ringlet, and then curl it with the curling iron. Once you are done with each curl, be sure to set the hair by very lightly spraying it with hairspray. After you've finished creating all of your smaller ringlets, you may release the two larges ones at the top of your head. You should now have a beautiful look that will be soft and elegant. Tuck away any loose ringlets with a bobby pin. You can compare your result with examples online to make sure you achieve the desired result.