Using the Right Tools to Bring Your Prom Hair Ideas to Life

It's the big night and you've got your dress, shoes and handbag all ready to go. Your makeup looks great, and you have a beautiful choker to wear around your neck. After looking at tons of prom hair ideas, you finally settled on one and it looks great. But something is still missing. A great hair accessory may be just the thing you need to spice up your look and to make your hairstyle look complete.

Headbands are more than just a simple way to keep your hair out of your face. Today's headbands look adorable and are made of shiny fabrics or are adorned with beautiful jewels. They can be both fun and functional. Perhaps one of the most popular of all prom hair ideas is to wear a jeweled comb. These little combs are adorned with rhinestones or crystals and add beautiful shimmer and shine to your hair. Many celebrities wear these at special events like the Golden Globe Awards.

Another great hair accessory for prom night is the hair stick. Some people refer to these as chopsticks. They usually have decorations such as beads or flowers at the ends that look great when your hair is in a bun. Crystal hairpins are another great suggestion for prom hair ideas. Barrettes and elastic ponytail holders are pretty too, and the more ornate versions have shiny stars or other adornments on them for a glamorous look. No matter what ideas you've come up with, accessories give the final look an extra dimension. They also add color and sparkle to the whole look. Your outfit will be complete, and you'll stand out from the crowd. These accessories also keep that beautiful hairstyle you worked on in place so you can dance the night away without worry.