Up-do Prom Hair Ideas for a More Elegant You

For those who want a great style for the prom that will stand out from others, try a prom up-do, especially for long hair. A prom up-do involves basically taking a pony tail or a bun and creating beautiful styles. For instance, the hair can first be put into a bun and strands can be pulled out to create a messy bun. A few strands should also be pulled out from the sides to create tendrils at the side of the face. The strands can be curled with a curling iron for a fancy look. This is a good option for those who prefer prom hair ideas that are elegant and sassy.

Other prom hair ideas with updos involve using buns or ponytails placed at the top of the head. The ponytail or the bun can be fastened with bobby pins and spray. Pull out thicker strands and curl with a curling iron. Curls are arranged at the top of the head using more bobby pins and hair spray. Curls can also be positioned nicely around a tiara or other hair decorations. Put the tiara in first, and then style the up-do. Other hair decorations such as combs and flowers can be placed after the curls are arranged.

Many people think that prom up-dos are only for those with long hair, but even those with short hair or medium length hair can have a prom up-do with the help of clip-on hair extensions. Many prom hair ideas incorporate hair extensions which stay in quite well and are very durable and natural looking, at least good quality hair extensions. There is a wide variety of styles, lengths, and colors of hair extensions, which can be purchased in stores or online. It is a good idea to choose several prom up-dos you want to try and then select a hair extension which will be the right length to accommodate those up-dos. Experiment a few weeks prior to the prom with several styles before deciding on your prom up-do. Most people need an extra set of hands and an extra pair of eyes when styling an up-do, but you can try styling your own. Either have a professional style your up-do, or pair off with a friend and style each others' hair.